Views of Ancient Monuments

Color reprints available from "Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan" by Frederick Catherwood published in 1844.

Mayan Rubbings and Batik Serigraphs

Mayan stelae reproduction 1972-1982 by James A. McBride II, Architect, from his original Mayan rubbings 1970-1971.

Watercolors of the Guatemalan Maya

First edition color prints of watercolor and ink drawings of the Guatemalan villagers and Mayan stelae by Robert Von Zimmerman. 1969-1974

Impressions of an Odyssey

Color photography of "Impressions of an Odyssey" by James A. Mcbride II, of villagers and Mayan archaeological sites - 1969-1973.

Story of Bilbao

Story of Aquateca

Story of Seibal

Guatemala Mayan hotel

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An Odyssey of Adventure and Architecture book.
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"An Odyssey of Adventure and Architecture" Audio cassette lecture - John Lloyd Stephens and Frederic Catherwood with James A. McBride II.
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