Tikal Rising - Temple No. 1 & 2
Tikal, Guatemala
June 1971

Tikal Rising - Temple No. 1 & 2

"Oh pyramids, temples, and monuments, witnesses of thousands of years of splendor, speak the language of the enigma! Where should one begin if your presence is magical? Answer, if you can, what was the fate of the Maya!"

Tikal was the largest and oldest Mayan City of the Old Empire and served both as an urban center and ceremonial center. Tikal was discovered in 1696 by a Franciscan monk, Antonio de Avendano. Archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania have been working since 1956 to uncover and record the archeological remains of Tikal.

The roof combs of Temple No. 1 and No. 2 rises above the dense tropical floor demonstrating the superb architectural and artistic achievements of the souring temples and majestic structures of the Mayas.

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