Tikal Temple No. 1
Tikal, Guatemala
June 1971

Tikal Temple No. 1

Amidst these tropical wildernesses are the remains of mysterious fascinating cities of which modern man knows very little or nothing. The admiration one feels in front of these monuments is infinite - but is less than the astonishment generated by the inexplicable: that in the midst of a warm perfumed world, in perennial metamorphosis, among fragrant flowers, balsams and mosses, within the region of mental discipline.

Temple No. 1 is located on the East of the Great Plaza and is approached from the rear of the temple in this photograph. The classical Mayan site is a holy city, a meeting place for worship and offerings. The few paved roads that have been found appear to have been built for long religious processions. The cultural history of Tikal began about 600 B.C. and lasted until the end of the Ninth Century when the Mayan mysteriously abandoned all the ceremonial centers of Peten.

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