Pyramid of The Soothsayer and Quadrangle of The Nunnery
Uxmal; Yucatan, Mexico
March 1973

Pyramid of The Soothsayer and Quadrangle of The Nunnery

The site of Uxmal extends over an area about one half mile in length and six hundred yards in width. It is made up of various architectural groupings, of which the three principal ones have been explored and restored in part, Each of the groups is placed in a highly precise manner: The Pyramid of the Soothsayer (or the Magician) in a vertical line, the Quadrangle of the Nunnery in a square, and the Governor's Palace in a horizontal line.

Uxmal was the artistic capital of the various complexs of cities in the Yucatan. About the tenth Century the lowland Mayan seem to have abruptly ceased their architectural and sculptural activities. The sites of the northern region of the upper Yucatan, were apparently overtaken by Toltec invaders from Central Mexico, who both borrowed some customs from the Mayan and lent them some of their own - including warfare and human sacrafice. The Quadrangle of the Nunnery is constructed on a platform in front of the Pyramid of the Soothsayer. The cultural style of the classical Maya of erecting stelae every twenty years died out, hieroglyphic inscriptions became rare and calendars were reduced to the maximum of simplicity.

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