The Caracol and The Palace of The Nuns
Chichen-ltza, Yucatan, Mexico
March 1973

The Caracal dominates the last series of Toltec structures found at this site. This is the only structure of its kind in Mayan territory - a style reserved in a later period for the temples of the wind and in Central Mexico. Also seen in this photograph is the Palace of the Nuns where the architectural style known as "Chenes", stone decoration replaces stucco.

The date 879, inscribed on the stone of the Chichen Viejo lintel, is the last date inscribed on a classical monument in the Yucatan. From then on, some form of foreign influence such as Toltec, was evident in the structures and art of the Mayan world.

The grass has grown and is silent. Answer if you can what was the fate of the Maya! A race counting its days like diamonds and trusting in its Gods, in its sites of smoke and dreams, in its calendar stones, in the music of words, in its wisdom, in everything that five centuries of devastation, exploitation and oblivious never have been able to annihlate completely! What is left of those cultures, their system of time, their divinities, their music, their songs, their dances, their manner of Tilling the soil still remain.

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